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Yorkshire Tea: We have history together

Yorkshire Tea. We have history together. We lived in Moss Side, Manchester, 2013-14. The family. One of the coldest years of our lives. After months of testing different teas, we discovered Yorkshire Tea. It is made for those raw, cold and badly insulated houses of Moss Side, where we lived.
Then we moved to Greenland and Qasigiannguit. Another place where it was cold inside the house during the most fierce part of the year. My Yemen and Mosside film was shown at a festival in Wales. The organizer had 50 quid for me. Send me Yorkshire tea I said. He did!
The other month I was honored to show the Siberian film Minus 73 degrees F for the Royal Geographical Society. One of the questions I recieved afterwards, was which tea I drank. See Q&A here https://youtu.be/GASYnA1hYao
I brought up my history with Yorkshire Tea. One of the organizers, Christina, send me a huge packet with Yorkshire Tea which arrived today! And I just had my first cupper!
Minus 73 degrees F https://vimeo.com/451752697

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