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About David Attenborough´s A Life On This Planet

30.67 km yesterday. Almost 4 hours of running. Most of it on sandy beaches plagued by heaps of alga. Some on peaceful grassland passing cattle. A tiny bit of forest. A lot past two big colf courses. And I spent the whole time thinking about David Attenborough´s new documentary A Life On Our Planet. His latest documentary should be compulsary watching. It is like his testament to our future. His been here for 93 years. And he has watched our planet turn from diverse to completely dominated by humankind. His way of telling the story is easy and compelling.

And Skanör-Falsterbo is definitely a testament to this fact. So it takes 30 km:s to circumrun it. In 1960 the population was 891 folks. Now it is at least 7000. And two big golf courses. I have nothing against golf, but why two? The peninsula is a testament to the issues we all have right now. And I am obviously thinking about the future of my daughters. Yes, I am worried.

We did a 53 km bike ride the other day. The girls and me. Just to check in what shape they are. They´re in great shape. And ready for the next stage of our bike ride Malmö to Khatanga at the end of the month. I am worried because I have noticed that the amount of people who actually care is low. And I know it is very difficult to make a difference. As a film maker for example. Most intelligent folks who actually care and watch documentaries, they are few. And I already know I write and film for an audience which already agrees with most things I want to get across. All the others, the major group of people. They don´t get it. Or care. This is the sad fact I have realized.

This is the reason why I believe schools have to make it mandatory watching. A documentary like David Attenborough´s A Life On Our Planet. And it is a shame you need Netflix to see it. A channel so full of crap. How can a documentary series like the Tiger King make a difference to our future? If that other group of people watch a documentary, it is a series like the Tiger King. Sad. But such is life.

Life On Our Planet trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64R2MYUt394&ab_channel=Netflix The

Tiger King https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acTdxsoa428&ab_channel=Netflix

The run https://www.strava.com/activities/4185703332

The ride with the girls https://www.strava.com/activities/4180954546

Skanör-Falsterbo on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skan%C3%B6r_med_Falsterbo

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