Explorer Mikael Strandberg

the Bicycle Expedition this upcoming summer

“What´s happening with you bicycle Expedition with your daughters this upcoming summer?” a reader asked the other day and added: “Considering the fact that Russia will most likely be closed.”
Good question. As for now, we wait and see, how it all will develop. No matter what though, we will cycle. Many readers think they will change their minds about the cycling. Not wanting to do it. True, the girls are growing. Eva is even turning into a young woman. Emotions are vivid. Yesterday we did some work for the upcoming documentary on the girls and their journey. Small pieces of narration for the upcoming teaser and pilot. I specifically asked them this question. And both answered:
“We want to leave now. We miss tent life and travelling to new places.”
For them, Russia is not important. Any new country will do. And this is a film, or a series, about my daughters. How they see the world as they grow up. So the goal is to be together. It doesn´t really matter where.
So yes, it will happen!

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