Team Titans

Attitude. Team titans. According to the girls. We slept 12 hours in the tent. or they did. Sleeping really, really close to me, which was wonderful, but didn´t give me much sleep, but still….not sleeping well outdoors is better than not sleeping well indoors. The continous rain forced us to play less, but return home earlier, just a few hours, and clean the kit instead. But the highlight, being so close to the girls away from IPADs and Iphones. And too see how comfortable they´re in this situation. I think Dana and Eva have probably a 100 nights together in a tent. Dana 2/3rds of them due to the journey through England. Me, most likely over 2500. So still some time to catch up dad! A wonderful time and we all loved the drive back and forth in th car!
But I am not looking forward to the day the girls leave their daddy for their own life!

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