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Pure adventure; Our True Motivation by Christy Henchie

 What is really a true explorer or adventurer? In my work I come across many different types, but seldom what I figure […]

Book review; A Labyrinth of Kingdoms by Steve Kemper

There´s no doubt in my case that it was books which made me choose this odd life and I really need to be […]

AFRICA: Forcing the Maasai off their land…for tourism?

I spent half a year living together with the il-loitai and il-purko Maasai back in the year 2000. (see photos here) I […]

How to Get to the North Pole: and Other Iconic Adventures

Tim Moss is one of these nice fellas which burn for a cause and is liked by pretty much everybody. A human […]

Where the Camel Meets the Canoe By Steve Kemper

Whilst preparing to set off on the crossing of the Sands of Al Mahra, I received this email from the well known […]

The Chief´s Daughter – Omo River Expedition

Captain Fogel´s life reads like an adventure novel and you need a bit of time to get through his CV of accomplishments. […]

Life after the Big Adventure by Kyle Henning

What is the future of exploration? Who are the young new adventurers and explorers? I try, as often as time and my […]

Valentina Cappio from The Family Company; Exploring Mikael Strandberg in 10 questions

By Valentina Cappio, The Family Company, a website for adventurous families There are people that keep your feet well down to earth. […]

Mount Everest; How much does it cost to climb? by Alan Arnette

Even though I am not a mountaineer and hardly ever write about this topic, I still get a fair amount of questions […]

Peter Forsskal, explorer, Linneus apostle, natural scientist and advocate of freedom of expression

The Worst Journey In The World by Apsley Cherry Garrard is by many, especially English speakers, rated as the best book on […]

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