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Caving; Get involved with Jut Wynne

It takes a certain breed of a human being to explore narrow, muddy and dark caves. And enjoy it! I have been […]

Why Timbuktu Will Overcome Its Latest Fundamentalist Conquerors

Steve Kemper´s article makes me very happy to read in many ways. He gives a perspective on a sore subject from the […]

Pure adventure; Our True Motivation by Christy Henchie

 What is really a true explorer or adventurer? In my work I come across many different types, but seldom what I figure […]

Book review; A Labyrinth of Kingdoms by Steve Kemper

There´s no doubt in my case that it was books which made me choose this odd life and I really need to be […]

AFRICA: Forcing the Maasai off their land…for tourism?

I spent half a year living together with the il-loitai and il-purko Maasai back in the year 2000. (see photos here) I […]

How to Get to the North Pole: and Other Iconic Adventures

Tim Moss is one of these nice fellas which burn for a cause and is liked by pretty much everybody. A human […]

Where the Camel Meets the Canoe By Steve Kemper

Whilst preparing to set off on the crossing of the Sands of Al Mahra, I received this email from the well known […]

The Chief´s Daughter – Omo River Expedition

Captain Fogel´s life reads like an adventure novel and you need a bit of time to get through his CV of accomplishments. […]

Life after the Big Adventure by Kyle Henning

What is the future of exploration? Who are the young new adventurers and explorers? I try, as often as time and my […]

Valentina Cappio from The Family Company; Exploring Mikael Strandberg in 10 questions

By Valentina Cappio, The Family Company, a website for adventurous families There are people that keep your feet well down to earth. […]

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