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Our modern lives versus ancient ways of living?

Our modern lives versus ancient ways of living?
Yesterday I did my fastest run of the Häckeberga Circle. 24 km. I beat my previous personal best with 2 seconds. It was snowing during the first half, drizzling the rest, but I felt happy. But I put as much force in as I could. To check where I stand in my training. At the moment. For this reason, I didn´t do any thinking at all. Just concentrated on getting through as fast as possible.
I did all the thinking early this morning. After such a demanding run, I never get any good sleep. I am too tired. As my dietist says:
“Your glycogen levels are too low.”
So yesterday I had 8 small meals throughout the day. We will see today if it worked. If I will recover quicker than normal. I thought it was age, but it was not filling up my glycogen levels properly. Complicated for sure….
Anyway, that made me think about all the gatherer and hunter people I have come across in my life. The last group I came across was the Hadza people of Tanzania as you see on the pictures here. They all seem so lean, fit and they have more or less the same diet. Compared to what you see during a short walk from my home in Malmö to the garage to pick up the car. Obesity, fast food stores and once you get out there, in the outdoors, there´s no people at all. Could it be that the so called primitive living peoples are way better of health wise in comparison to us?
Yes they are! As I found out by finding this academic paper on the Hadza! Their fitness is high. Their VO2max is the same as an elite athlete. They have no heart diseases. Or diabetes.
I am not surprised. Read more here in this evidense based academic report https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/obr.12785

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