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Ardi, my 4.4 million old sister turns up, some news from Yemen and a word about a digital explorer

Mankind, or the human being, has fascinated me more than anything the last 10 years of my life. That fascination was the main reason for me going to Maasailand in the year 2000 to get closer to the birth place of us humans. I passed through Olduvai Gorge for example, which is commonly known as the Cradle of Mankind, and there´s definitely a specific feeling of belonging here. And since than, humans more than spectacular scenery, amazing culture or animals, has enlightened my wanderlust. This morning, when I started to read the morning papers, I read that a sister of ours, called Ardi, have been discovered, a vital link between the apes and humans in Afar, the Rift Valley in Ethiopia, of course. 4.4 million years old…now, that gives a lot of perspective on a lot of things! It is, still considered, that we humans as we are today are around 150 000 years old, so it took some time for us to develop to this interesting species that we are today!

But complicated as well, I still follow the developments in Yemen closely everyday. Regarding humans in Yemen, I read this editorial today called Suffering is the rule, not an exception. isn´t it amazing, really, even though we have the resources globally, still, to make everyone relatively content with being alive, we just don´t care, it seems like. This is so hard to understand. However, there´s always exceptions to the rule. everywhere. I am very privileged to know quite a few out of these amazing humans who spend there life’s thinking about how to find ways to help others. One of them is Jamie, who fully has understood that education is the only way, really, to give everybody the same opportunity to live.

I met Jamie in London, in the exiting Soho district to discuss how to implement his ideas on the upcoming Expedition. Jamie is a laid-back, intelligent, soft spoken explorer of sorts, who has decided to move the class-room out into the bush! I am mean this is an amazing development of the resources we have today, to build bridges between cultures, educate and create opportunities. It just shows how far we´ve come since Ardi lived on this fantastic globe of ours.

So, my hope is that Jamie will be able to help the expedition with his expertise! Since I know that the potential to make a difference with an Expedition like this, is without limits.

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