Samuel Barosso

Keynote speaker at IE University in Spain

The setting of the lecture was one of the best I have ever had. It was set in a cathedral, the convent of Santa Cruz Real, from 1218. Today it is the University Campus of one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. Somebody told me it was the most expensive one in Europe and ranked 3rd in the world. After Warton and Stanford, I think! It was definitely with the three best venues I have lectured in. A bunker in Berlin, the Ondatjee Theatre at the RGS in London and this one!

And it makes a difference to ones inspiration! Not only was the setting perfect, but this was the opening day for the new University students and the ceremony was awesome. Please, for those of you with time and patience, enjoy it here!  the procession in itself was spectacular. If you don´t have the time why not see the lecture in itself? Made to inspire the students! I have had a lot of very positive feedback, many from the school and its staff itself. Like this one:

“You are an excellent speaker Mikael and that is a blessing to the field of exploration and explorers all over the world. Most astronauts complained that when asked about their experiences in space they had no answers to give. Astronaut John Young said that they should spend poets in space so that they can properly describe the experience. You dear friend are the poet in the adventure exploration arena. Keep it up!”

The whole visit in Segovia was like a dream. I was there with my whole family as part of the Hay Festival.  And the visit turned out a lot of media, for some unknown reason.  The University newsmedia did this lecture:

It was a great honor bestowed on me and I feel very privileged. And I met so many fantastic people, students, teachers on this visit, so I feel a lot of hope for the future!

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