Exporer Mikael Strandberg

Initiating preparations for the next Expedition

It all began with the film above. Michael and Lisa in the US got interested, I have the contract in hand, but not signed yet, because there´s so much to do, before we know it is possible.We need all permits possible, for the whole family. We all want to go, but until we know if it is possible, in 4-5 weeks, we just have to be patient, Which is virtually impossible for me!

So, right now I am communicating with Jegor Makarov about route choices, when to begin (not before 20th of January), clothe items I need, like warm reindeer boots and gloves, I need a new Facemask, should I bring the skis?

And I have added on 2 days of training per week, just endurance training at the gym.An hour.

But, in reality, I am in the middle of the Yemen Doc editing and need to concentrate on that job more than anything, but what to do?

Than we have to find things for the family to do in Yakutsk, whilst I am away!

This is too good to be true! A return to Siberia to do something really, really good! I just have a gut feeling the documentary, if it happens, will be a great success! I have seen the interest already ater this pilot I did, see above, interviews like this one came immediately!

Fingers crossed!


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