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Moss Side Production; The first day of filming

Well, as usual when I start filming again after a layoff, this time, well, I guess, it is one and a half year since I last held my XA 10 (Yemen), I do too many mistakes and it just doesn´t look good. The most important scene was the one above, about my daughter saying she wants to stay at her old school and of course I have forgotten to do the sound level right and as always, I forgot about the wind. And I am always a bit off on the image, but things happen fast!

Once back home after the first filming, I had forgotten how to initialize the SD cards, I still had a whole lot of great tribal scenes from Yemen on my camera memory and the manual I downloaded on the Internet to figure things out, it took an hour since we live in the under privileged world of Mosside, it was for NTSC….

I am exhausted right now. Pam´s doing three papers in three weeks, her most important one´s, we have been looking for a new school for Eva and I have, finally decided to get the project to do a documentary about contemporary England going. I will concentrate on Mosside until Pam´s ended her studies and hopefully I can do a walk to Buckhurst Hill where it all started at the end of the 1960´s. But, at least I have taken the first fumbling steps forward.

What I need to do now is to quickly do a list of things I need to do here in Mosside. This time emphasis has to be people. And changes.
Work list:
  • I need to find a Somali, An African, An Indian-Pakistani, English woman with child or children. Old and young.
  • I need to film as much as possible of Mosside itself. Hear stories from the past, emphasis start back in the end of the sixties, which is the start of my thought process.
  • Overviews, community center, some good and bad, street life, the intellectually dead zone.
  • “Unfortunately” our family time here has to be kind of in the center. Why here, who are we and how do the days pass by.

The question is, with the problems we are having with finding a new school for Eva, and Pam´s studies and me being at home with Dana, how in earth are am I going to get time to do all this?
Do I want to do it? Am I ready? Yes. I think so. I am definitely getting there! It does feel great starting again!


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