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Moss Side: Quite a high level of distrust

I am encountering what I believe I haven´t come across in a long time, possibly not ever as a film maker, a genuine distrust in what I am doing. Let me just say, I fully understand it! I would be exactly the same, possibly, if I´d live here in Moss Side AND England, because I feel it is not only here. And there is a reason. We, my family, have come across this item that people tell you one thing (Talk-Talk for example) and you agree and you get lied to and given something completely different. It is quite common it seems, especially when media is involved. The Moss Siders, and others in the same situation, and there´s quite a few here in England, have been told that the TV-crew/film makers will do this, but in reality it is all totally different and always negative. This is causing serious problems for me, who wants to do something positive. It takes a lot of time to gain people´s trust. But as it is, I can´t film in my favorite pub and other places, and people, who could give a positive, realistic image of Moss Side. Who I see as a unique place on earth in a very positive light. But this English media hysteria, which I come across all the time as an explorer when I am getting offers to be fooled out of my ideas for others to use, by some media company calling and lying initially why they contact me. Yesterday somebody called from a media company in London and said they loved my films and Expeditions and wondered if I had any ideas I could share. So I asked, which particular film do you like? They had no idea.
So I understand this mistrust of outside media and people. And no, I haven´t come across it elsewhere. It is of cause the competitive nature and crappy tabloid press which shines through. It is also well known within exploration, that some English “explorers” do not fully tell the truth and overdo their own importance. To suit their commercial needs. Something I saw today when I got a contract from a UK possible sponsor, they´re terrified that I would write something bad about their product. Amazing! I have never come across that before either!
Having said that, there´s hell of a lot I like about the English! But, there´s no doubt about it, being a great ally to the US and a global power, seems to create a society built on extreme security, worries and distrust. Or at least that is my feeling now, before I start walking.
I did meet two great fellas today, A and H. The best of the best. Which is such a common sight in Moss Side, once they open up! And I visited the Windermere center and enjoyed it fully. It helped me loads. Thanks A!

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