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Book Review: Värld Av Is, Ett Hotat Arktis

Värld Av Is

Ett Hotat Arktis


Mireille De La Lez And Fredrik Granath

(Albert Bonniers Förlag)


After having spent some precious time in the Arctic, Spitsbergen, I found this book when I returned home in my bookshelf. It is an old gift from my friend Fred Goldberg and a signed copy of a book with stunning photos of the Arctic, especially Svalbard and Spitsbergen. It does contain texts, not long one´s, but vital one´s which gives a great insight into the Arctic. Especially it notes that the polar bear is the best marker for the climate change that has hit the earth at dangerous levels.

Definitely a coffee table book any lover of the Arctic should have in their bookshelf. Even if the text is in Swedish.


Photo: Explorer Mikael Strandberg, Spitsbergen

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