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Greenland Equipment List

I often receive requests from people who´d like to know what I bring with me on my jobs. I like these lists myself and, of course, they´re needed to keep an eye on everything. So earlier this summer (spring) we shipped 2/3rds of our equipment ahead of us. So here´s the equipmentlist below, 2 grown ups and two children:


Base equipment

6 rolls of Gorilla Tape

2 Marttiini Fishing Knifes

2 Marttiini Hunting Knives

2 Thermos Stanley

1 Iphone 5s

1 Irridium sat phone

1 Leatherman Skeletool

4 Ultra Light Thermarest

3 Ridge Rest

4 pairs of Julbo sunglasses

1 pair of Diadora runners

2 pairs of Sealskinz handskar

2 pairs of Sunridge hunting gloves

4 pairs of Sealskinz socks

4 pairs of Polyver boots

1 Hilleberg Keron 3

1 Trangia Kitchen for gas

1 SOTO, both gas and gasoline

1 Pots and Pans set MSR

10 gasbottles from MSR

6 North face sleepings bags, two for extreme use

4 big sealline bags

4 Julbo sunglasses

4 Ledlenser headlamps

4 cups, spoons, forks

4 Silva Compasses


Since film making is expensive, I just don´t have any funds for buying a lot of new kit, so the Crispi Expedition boots from 2004 will have to do!

Special wintergear and Expedition gear 

1 pair of Åsnes Helge Ingostad

1 pair of Åsnes Expedition Ski Poles

2  pair of Åsnes Nansen

8 pairs of skipoles Åsnes

2 bindings Rottefella

8 short skins Åsnes

4 long skins Åsnes

2 Julbo skiglasses

1 Avalanche probe

4 Ortovox M2 transcievers

1 EPIRB Tron 45S

2 Camelbaks Classic

4 1 liter Camelbaks Chute

1 Silva GPS Multinavigator

4 icescrews

2 long ice axes

4 Facemasks from Taiga

Picking up the new skis from Åsnes, Helge ingostad, a bit wider, but looks amazing.

Fishing gear

1 telescopic brail

1 telescopic fishhook

10 lures for sea fishing Rapala

2 Shimano rods and rolls

Loads of lines and hooks

Hunting gear

1 Kikarsikte Bushnell

1 gutopener Rapala

1 pair of Peltor hearing protection

1 Walkie Talkie Hunter MK II

2 cleaning sets for rifles

This means including my old Irridium phone……also from Siberia fame

Clothes (grown ups)

1 Ortovox underwear set (wool)

1 Taiga wool underwear
1 Fur hat
3 Cap hat
2 Pairs of wool underwear with wind protection
2 Down jackets Mountain Hardwear
1 pair of ski boots Scarpa

1 pair of Skiboots Crispi(my Siberian Expedition ones)
1 pair of down socks
2 pairs of bibs
2 pair of randonné pants
1 3 layer Goretex jacket
2 down vest
2 Fleece jacket
2 pair of skigloves
2 pair of fleecegloves, windstopper
1 pair of down mittens Mounain Hardwear
2 pairs of trousers Mountain Hardwear
4 pairs of shirts Ortovox
3 pairs of double socks
3 pairs of other thick socks
2 Giant Duffelbag
1 Compressionbags for the down sleepingbags
1 pair of Gaiters

Winter clothes Eva and Dana


2 Supershape Winteroveralls

2 Turmalin shelljackets

1 Granit Junior trousers

1 Abisko jacket

2 Izzy recycle Termojacket

2 Zapp Recycle Termotrousers

2 Wool baselayer

2 Mitten Light

2 Finger Mitt Light

2 Mittens

2 Thumb gloves

2 Dunder fleece hat

2 Ullf woolhat

2 Tube Headwear

2 Wooltube headwear

2 Drivan Hat

2 Storm hat

1 Frozt hat

New Expedition skipoles from Åsnes versus the old Siberian one´s where we did the foam around the hands ourselves. Development for the better!


2 reimatec Winteroveralls

2 full wool underwear

2 fleece trousers

2 wool gloves

2 winter half boots

2 wintergloves

2 fleecejackets

Old Silva GPS, but it does the job!

Technical equipment

1 SONY F-70

1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 med 1 Panasonic Lumix G Vario Objektiv -12-80, 3.5-5.6

1 hårddisk Toshiba 500 GB

1 hårddisk My Passport ultra 500 GB

1 trebent ministativ Zound

1 litet flexibelt trebent stativ

2 XLR-kablar 0.5 m

1 XLR-kabel 1.5 m

16 La Cie 1 TB

2 Go Pro, 3 och 3plus, 2 extra batterier

2 Sennheiser HD 215 hörlurar

1 Rotolight RL 48-B Stealth professional

1 Canon XF 105
2 Canon CA-930 Compact Power Adapter
8 BP-975 Lithium Ion Battery
1 Canon XA10
1 Panasonic Lumix G 3
1 Panasonic recharger
1 BP-Lithium Ion Battery
3 B-819 Lithium Ion Battery
2 GoPro Hero
2 GoPro Battery Pack
8 GoPro Hero Rechargeable Batteries
1 Go Pro Chest Mount Harness
1 GoPro Head Strap Mount
1 GoPro Wall Charger
1 Gitzo GT2540LLVL tripod/Head kit
24 64GB San Disk Compact Flash Memory cards
10 64 GB San Disk SDHC Memory Card
18 LaCie 1TB Rugged Mini portable hard drive
1 Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 Microphone
2 Pelican 1564 Waterproof Case with dividers
1 PortaBrace Polar Mitten (POL-MHM100)
2 Pelican Dessiccant Silica Gel
4 Pelican 0945 Memory Card Case
2 Transcend USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader
Cleaning kit

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