Like Son, Like Father

“Hurry up, not much time left.”

That was the message I received from my very good friend Umut as regards to his cancerfighting 5 year old son Luca. I was delayed, as always, at Kangerlussuaq Airport, on my way home with my daughters to Sweden when I received this message. In shock I managed to persuade Air Greenlands ground staff of the great importance of me getting there in time. I said:

A documentary has to be made about this brave boy and his fight and his parents.

They fully understood and rearranged my ticket, and my daughters, se we could fly on the first flight out to Copenhagen. 3 hours later instead of a day and a half. And we just made it to Lund. The next morning Luca had passed on to higher exploration.

So right now I am embarking on an unknown journey with his strong, charimatic but deeply grieving father Umut, to do a documentary about life, death and childhood cancer.

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