One of the most impressive women I have ever met

One of the most impressive women I have ever met is Vika Andreeva, Eveny reindeer herder from Arkah. Now just being a herder in Siberia is demanding, but like Vika living most of a year travelling by reindeer, living outdoors in the coldest temperatures on earth, there is no doubt, this is the toughest work on earth. Easily. But she does it most of the time with joy and she prefers the clean life on the road to the noisy and polluted (as she sees it) in Arkah. She is married to my great friend Slava, they travel together of course, but when I last met Slava, in Yakutsk 2016, they had a daughter namned Eva, in the honor of my eldest! Toghest and kindest woman on earth, Vika! The documentary from this epic journey, winner of the Golden Goggles, can be seen at the Siła Marzeń – Festiwal Przygody (Adventure festival) in Warsaw 26th of May 18.20-19.35 . If you want to read the blog reports from the adventure, see


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