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Preparing to pitch!

I love pitching!
Obviously I have always loved being on stage, but pitching your film idea is quite challenging. In front of you, you have a group of hardened commissioners, who have heard pretty much any idea possible. You have 7 minutes to show your trailer and pitch your idea.
My first pitch was at Doc Thessaloniki. Back in early 2017. It was a disaster on all levels. But a great lesson to come prepared and if you are a team, prepare together and don’t save fuel on that. Theo and I were killed. Poor trailer, poor presentation and everything wrong. That said, we met a lot of great other filmmakers, some who I am in touch with still today.
My latest was in Lisbon at Doc Lisbon. It was one of the highlights of my entertaining life. A year later with another film, Man With A Family. I had great company having Ulrika Rang with me. Great group of filmmakers and decision makers.
Now, I am on my way to Sitges. Pitching Man With His Daughters. At the European-Mediterranian Doc Market with pretty much all the big decision makers there. The invitation says:
Within the 25 projects selected for the central Pitching Forum, moderated by John Marshall. Highlights include Explorer Mikael Strandberg’s moving project Man And His Daughters, taking us into the intimate journey of a father and his two daughters. Brendan Culleton will pitch Moscow Nights, which submerges us in the 80s, a unique point in history, when leaders of the world took an unexpected decision. Audun Amundsen brings Click the Link Below, an exploration into the truth beyond the luxury promising industry of online coaches. Award winner Nurit Kedar will pitch Puzzle, her new documentary that defines family as a puzzle where pieces don’t fit in, where unique characters create a morbid, complex, relationship. With A Sacred Lie, Maria Colomer and Ventura Durall will explore the character of André Malby, an individual whom many claimed possessed supernatural abilities. Meanwhile, the director Noufissa Charaï will present Women of Sin, the portrait of a brave single mother in Morocco, who fights for women’s rights with resilience.
I have great company this time too. My Norwegian co-producer Malene. And family is there too, in the way Of Nima Sarvestani, Oscar contender once upon a time. The best of people. Looking forward to feeling that nerve again, when you walk on stage.
Prepared I hope!

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