6 weeks on the back of a team of reindeer, what is it like?

6 weeks on the back of a team of reindeer sitting on a sledge, in temperatures between -58 to much warmer at -15 degrees Celsius at the end, what is it like? It is on one side, really tough when temperatures are low and when the track is bumpy, which it was most of the time we travelleed in the taiga, not on ice, but then one had fears of going through. On the other side, the surrounding winter landscape is just stunning, it is a great feeling of freedom, because the reindeer have their fuel all over the plave, if winter conditions are right and it is a dying way to travel. The life of the Eveny reindeer herders are under threat from the West (read Moscow) and the greatest return of all, was ther friendship with the Eveny and all the great people we met on route. But, I wouldn´t do it like this again, ecause I need to work myself to feel happy, not just sit as a flat slob on the back of somebody else doing the job. The documentary from this epic journey, winner of the Golden Goggles, can be seen at the Siła Marzeń – Festiwal Przygody (Adventure festival) in Warsaw 26th of May 18.20-19.35 http://www.festiwalsilymarzen.com/ . If you want to read the blog reports from the adventure, see https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/?s=frozen+frontier

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