Tolya was the one who immediately made himself available to the filmteam and me. He directly shared his life, were the others were still a bit hesitant and overwhelmed with the new situation. He also had the toughest life of them all, living most of the year by himself in the wilderness looking after his reindeer. He had a family in Arkah, but once we arrived there, he stayed just a few days, before he sat off again. I am not sure if it was the “dirty” and noisy modern society which made him leave again or something else. I know he lost two brothers, one who went through the ice on a snowmobile and the other one killed in a fight. We met another of his brothers living in Chirpolay, a tiny settlement on route. The documentary from this epic journey, winner of the Golden Goggles, can be seen at the Siła Marzeń – Festiwal Przygody (Adventure festival) in Warsaw 26th of May 18.20-19.35 . If you want to read the blog reports from the adventure, see

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