Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Defender X: Banff

Right now we are driving through a spectacular area of mountaain scenery. We are on route to Jasper having left Banff this morning via Lake Louise. By we I mean the Princess team consisting of Jeff, mads, Sofie and me. Steve and Meg is in Calgary trying to figure out what is wrong with the Mothership.
I get a few questions about our ladies, the cars. Why all these problems? The fact is that they both are not really Landrovers any more, because have been extremely modified to become amphibians as well. That is why we are having these problems. But we arr challenging the concept what can be done with cars. Hence the continued issues.
Not many days left to Fairbanks now. I am leaving before the rest of the team which doesnt feel good, but such is life.
As always, what an adventure, what a journey!
And it has been good for my body to recover! I brought with me a small concussion, a fractured tailbone and rib from Lima.
Life is good!

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