Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Kids Outdoors: Kullaberg

I once did the Otter Trail in South Africa. Indeed one of the most stunning walks in the world, the scenery is amazing! This weekend Pam, the girls and me went to Kullaberg to walk. And investigate if we could film some rock climbing, since Kullaberg is known for this. Walking along the southern coastline was like walking the legendary Otter Trail! The climbing scene was full on, some on bolted routes. We found one wall where we could climb with the girls in the future. The feeling of fright and excitement came back. A feeling very much helped by the fact we watched the Dawn Wall the night before. I have to say I liked it more than Free Solo. Because it was much more realistic, raw and not so…American, with happy endings all the time. Yes, time to freshen up the old rockwall climbing! I still have some gear left since those days…1997….I guess I need new for us all.

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