Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Outdoor Girls: Klåveruds Strövområde

“Why do you drag us out on these walks when we could be in bed playing with the Ipad?” Dana asked me after two hours of walking through Klåveröds Strövområde, which is part of Söderåsens National Park. “Well, because you know you need the silence, space, peace of the forest and the exerecise as much as me. On top of that most of the time you get some sweets too and good food that you like (e.g unhealthy food like hot dogs). But most of all because it makes you happy.” Dana didn´t answer but smiled. This is the difference with Eva, who likes every second outdoors and understands why. Two years of age difference makes a…difference. SO, we have covered another gem on our job to map the great spots of Skåne for an upcoming series about Kidz in The Outdoors. Eva is also reading Ronja Rövardotter(Ronia, the Robbers Daughter). Another Astrid Lindgren classic, in school. She loves the story and this area was indeed Ronia country. The highlight this time was The Valley of The Chimney (s), Skorstendsdalen. But otherwise it could have been any forest with likes further up north in Sweden, it felt like home. Another wonderful day with the girls! And I love the fact that they love each other, get along and enjoy being together.

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