Explorer Mikael Strandberg
Explorer Mikael Strandberg

My recovery training schedule

I raced the 16th of October 2019. My best race so far. A 12 km trailrun. Basically, since my start of racing, end of July 2019, I have bettered my time with almost 17 minutes. 10 km. That is good. It shows had bad I was when beginning. No matter what. Training hard 4 times a week running, 2 days at a gym, change of diet for losing weight (5 kg to get down to 70 kg, for me ideal being 170 cm tall) and finding the right Expedition diet…well, I hit the wall. I picked up an Achilles tendonitis. I caught a urinary infection which stayed withme for a month. And now at the end of the year, I have slowly started to run. 1 km. 2 km. Next three kilometers. Inside on a running treadmill not to aggrevate the achilles too much.

During these 2½ months I have changed how I look on training, eating and life in general. I am going to share my change in training. It is based on the knowledge of aging requires changes to fit the age. And I have decided to use outside professional help on moving on to find the best diet and training for the upcoming Expeditions. It might be of help. And these are the tools of recovery I have found so far:

  • One book which helped me a lot (thanks Erden Eruc) was Joe Friel´s Fast After 50. https://joefrielsblog.com/what-it-takes-to-be-fast-after-50/It taught me how to be an elite athlete after 50 and how to stay on top of it. By changing how you look on training and what it takes when over 50.
  • I use a professional naprapath when it comes to injuries, Anton Ruthberg at Tre Kotor. He advises me how to train to take care of my injuries properly.
  • I visited the masseur as often as I can. He is stantioned in Warsaw.
  • When I cannot visit him, I use Black Roll every day. It has helped me a lot. https://www.blackroll.com/
  • I use Svexa athelete advisor to monitor my status. it helps me a lot too! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/athlete-advisor/id1481892496
  • I go to the sauna and take a cold bath in the sea once a week at https://www.ribersborgskallbadhus.se/
  • Compression socks have helped me.
  • I do yoga three times a week for the stretching, relaxing and added flexibility. I go to Yoga i Malmö.
  • But most of all I warm up and stretch 15 minutes before and after each run. That is huge compared to before the injury, whne I stretched max 3-4 minutes before and after. I use these stretching movements. Pre-training https://www.outsideonline.com/2401408/pre-run-warm-up-exercises and post run https://www.outsideonline.com/2402892/our-essential-post-run-stretching-routine
  • And compared to before the injury, when I just either ran according to schedule, little stretching or warmup. Or went to the gym, no warm up. I have made huge changes. Lot´s of variety. Cycling, treadmill, an hour of stretching excersises every three days.
  • And I put a serious effort into sleeping at least 7 hours hours and taking proper rest from training. I might be an active rester, meaning climbing, bouldering or being out in nature with my daughters.
See this film about the last 2 months

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