Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Yemen visa? Not yet!

The door to Yemen…Bab Al Yemen……will I see it soon again?

Since my Yemeni partner who promised to help me, jumped the ship, which was understandable to a certain degree, I have been lucky to meet an angel, who is working on getting me a visa. She is doing much more than that. I hope to introduce her soon. problem is, I cannot do anything, until I know. So all activity has come to a stand still. Which of course gives me vital time with the family. So there is always something positive in everything which is not too positive. I just hate waiting…..I guess! I feel it is 50-50 chance right now.


However, having said this, I do still spend some time every day looking at the map of Yemen, marking out hotspots and possibilites. I did a dream route a couple of years back and it looks like below.


What happens if I don´t get the visa? Well, there are other ways, but more complicated and time consuming and it will dent my journey badly, am afraid. I need every little time I can get from now on. And, of course, I am following the events in Yemen. It basically concerns these two points, both complicating my passaged:

1. North to South relations changing.

2. Possible Al Qaeda presence.



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