Explorer Mikael Strandberg


Skipoles. They just have to do the job. Having said that, I have never broken one. But I have lost skibaskets several times. Mainly because I have lost them skiing, not noticing. In Siberia back in 2004-5 Johan Ivarsson and I initially had issues with extremely cold hands. We were very close to getting serious frostbite. We realized that the problem was us sweating and the grip of the skipoles having no insulation. To fix the issue, we cut out a piece of our foampads. And took the mighty ducktape and made like a insulation between our hands and the skipoles. Saved our fingers, no doubt.
Today of course this is normal on any Expedition skipoles from Åsnes. So these arrived today https://www.asnes.com/produkt/amundsen-carbon-kevlar/
I would also recommend anyone considering going on skis into the mountains, to visit Åsnes Academy. It is full of good advice! https://www.asnes.com/asnes-academy/
Thanks Frank, Åsbjörn and Gro for the new poles and baskets!

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