Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Training has started for the summer Expedition

Last year this time I was worried. Nervous. I had talked the girls into setting off for a cycling adventure. From Malmö to my hometown of Dala-Järna. About 1300 km:s. And if you watch this clip you will understand https://youtu.be/wjnPwm0Mj1g
A year on the girls have clocked 2000 km:s. 1600 on a Cycle Expedition. We are aiming for Vorkuta in Siberia. Eventually. We are still waiting to see what route we can take.
More important is the fact whilst on a bike we talk about everything. Since our flat is my office, I tend to be often lost in thought as regards to all my projects. Once outside, wonderful. One thing I have learned from my long life, I am at my happiest together with the girls!
So today we strechted our training over 30 km:s. Getting them ready to do that twice a day once on route. And you know what, they like these outings and adventures we do! Never ever have I heard them being negative. I am blessed indeed!
Here´s the photos from the previous 2 journeys.

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