Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Travel angst

Travel angst was extreme on this picture.
The year is 1986. Same morning as the Swedish premier Olof Palme was murdered. I am ready to go to the airport in Stockholm. My destination was Santiago De Chile. The first start of my very first Expedtion. The idea was to cycle from Chile to Alaska.
I had been given a 3 speed bike by Monark Crescent in the nearby village of Vansbro. I knew very little about cycling. But I was young, fit, strong and believed in myself. But I felt like I had the flu. Travel angst.
Or travel fever. You just want to get going. I know it very well. Because it is dominating my life right now. I want to get going. But there´s all this stuff to do first. Contracts, storyboards, fixing four bikes, training, musts….and all I want to do is get going.
Travel angst haven´t become less with time. On the contrary.
The fever is on.
PS. Even if few believed I would make it, I did. It took me 1½ year to reach Fairbanks. And yes, I did have hair in thos days! DS

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