Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Eva Strandberg: Accident on the ice

Hi, my name is Eva, the daughter of Mikael Strandberg.
My pappa just called from the hospital in Nuuk. He has has an accident on the ice and has been airlifted out!! He tells me this:
Pam initiated the Search and Research SAR. They came but couldn’t land on the difficult ice. So instead they used a hoist to lift me up to the SAR helicopter. From the helicopter, a guy came down.
The helicopter hovered too close and due to the strong wind created by the rotor blades, my tent was thrown up in the air and I took another two hard hits on my head! Mikael (Mattsson) must have grabbed the tent.
But Good News – I was able to get off the ice!
I remember the rescue guy coming into the tent to ask me how I was. James started to film but ran out of film! But was able to take his phone and film.
The wind from the rotor blades was hard. When the rescue guy came, I was so dizzy and out of it. He had to drag me. He hooked me up and slowly got hauled up. The wind again made us swing and it felt dangerous.
Suddenly I was inside and somehow got on a stretcher. Around 2 hours later we made it to Nuuk.
When I got to Nuuk, a CT scan was scheduled. According to the team doctor Steen, my CT scan was okay. But I will not be fully functioning for weeks. I have a severe concussion. While here in Nuuk, I am being monitored so my brain doesn’t swell.
Anyway, I am really dizzy and nauseous and have headaches. It is really difficult to do anything, even write this. I sleep on my back. I pretty much sleep the entire day.

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