Sofie Rørdam

We have arrived in Nevshehir

We arrived in Nevshir yesterday. After 1000 km of cycling approximately!

It has been one of the best journeys I have ever made. The work the girls have done the last 22 days is on professional explorer level. It has been countinously up and down roads through a scorching hot countryside, long midday avoid the sun breaks with at times little food and water. But most impressive is their extraordinary good mood!

Great people meetings have helped a lot and great support from so many people!

The las few days we have had too many ounctures, rack brakes and this happens only when roads are brutally demanding. In on place I lost pieces of tire rubber due to the hot asphalt.

We arrived to our crib at Crowne Place Hotel really exhausted. But what a final end with food to the room and a great dinner!

Thanks for this Ilter and Orkun Sagirsoy! Fantastic!

Photocopyright Sofie Rørdam

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