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How to cycle with children in countries outside the so called West.

I have recently received a lot of questions as regards to:
How to cycle with children in countries outside the so called West.
First answer is, much more fun! In general people are more welcoming, more generous and kinder. It is way more interesting and challenging too!
My general advice would be pretty much the same as these 9 tips how to become a modern explorer, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/9-tips-how-to-become-a-mo_b_4004390. Just go. SO, I have done 4 bigger trips with the girls, now 10 and 12 years old. We suddenly decided to start cycling, so 3 days before setting out on the first journey, 1200 km:s up north in Sweden, this is were the youngest one was in knowledge how to cycle https://youtu.be/wjnPwm0Mj1g
The kids have to be motivated, of course, to do the trip. I would forget it otherwise. Otherwise, it ain´t much different to not having kids, except that it is the best time in your life!
We initiallty started to do 30-35 kms a day, lots of breaks, lots of fun. Free camping is the preffered method. At the end of the first journey, the girls did 50-55 km on gravel. 3 years on, on tough roads in the outback of Turkey, they average 60 km comfortably a day.
The girls help me with all parts of a journey, putting up camp, fixing punctures, socializing with locals and planning the trip. As a parent, obviously you know more how they in reality feel, so bring lots of food, sweets and charge the Ipads over night for them!
The advantages far outweigh they complications. For me, to lve in the wild with the two best people on earth, is a privilige. And kids are very resilient and tough. Local people are even more helpful and kind when they see kids.
So my advice is, bring them and just go!

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