Explorer Mikael Strandberg

What happened?

What happened? Many asks!
Somehow it got lost somewhere online. Here is what I wrote to one of my best buddies:
Jeff, I have small memory coming back. I think pure survival instinct saved me. I remember seeing the team starting to ski, I was on ice with the sled, I went down hills, a bump came up, I must have fallen hard when the sled got stopped, backhead to ice, i went unconcious, next memory is me catching up with the group, Peter saying we saw u fall and u caught up with us fast. Almost like I skied unconcious.
I am in Kangerlussuaq on route to Copenhagen. Believe me I am out of it. This will take time.
Ah, all my equipment was left by the SAR rescue team. Many mistakes where done. Not good. My kit is worth over 25 000 dollars.

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