Legacy of war

Today we met two of the most impressive people I have ever come across. A meeting that makes me question my choice of work and life. I mean, calling oneself explorer who does Expeditions, many do that, most shouldn’t. It is job driven primarily by a need to be seen. I know.And lately, cycling with the girls in Namibia, question often came up, if they would like to become explorers. That has been a hope, that at least one girls continuos. But lately, I have been questioning this more and more.

And after meeting the Rwandan lady and genocide survivor Olive and chef/photographer Giles Duley today I hope that my girls instead chooses a job, a life, where they actually can make a difference in peoples lives. Choosing a life in the service of others. So on a bigger scale, a wider perspective on the meaning of life, exploration is for most nothing more time than entertainment.

But explorers, people who do the first thing of something in life, inspire you might think. But isn’t it better to inspire people to do good and help others if you can? Like Jeff Willner, whose generosity makes a huge difference for many. He started with nothing growing up in the Congo, and have understood the difference.

I don’t often get inspired by others I have to say. I have seen too much. But today I met more than two. So Giles runs Legacy of War, a NGO, who in Rwanda for example have helped women who survived the genocide, to start a farm cooperate, which the ran themselves. Today we visited their cooperative, experienced the real Africa for me, joy and pain in one and I am fortunate to be able to let the girls experience this. The self confidence these women have been given and the capacity they have, was almost overwhelming.

Olive survived the Genocide. Her story is just impossible to understand. But her greatness as a human made her go and knock on the doors of those who killed her family, friends and ruined her and many others life. She needed it to forgive herself and move on with life. Today she is a leader of her community and makes a huge difference for many.

Do visit Giles homepage. Giles lost both legs and an arm and much more when he reported from Afghanistan. He has turned all this pain into doing good. Please do visit his Instagram page https://instagram.com/gilesduley?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== and the legacy of War to know more. https://instagram.com/legacyofwarfoundation?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

I just feel honoured having had the opportunity to introduce my girls to these giants of Africa.

Thanks Jeff for bringing us here.



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