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My new ring

“What´s that new ring you have on your left hands ring finger? “
I am amazed how folks notice these things! And the reasons they think I have it….
It is an Ouraring.
I received it 8 days ago and wanted to give it a try before I wrote something about it. It was introduce to me by a very nice and interesting fella, C Mikael Mattsson. (See link below) I first read about him in Alex Hutchinson´s book Endure. (Finns på svenska med titeln Uthållighet) He is a doctor of physiology and a scientist at Stanford University. And CEO of Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics. He has been very helpful to me giving me insights in how to train for the next Expedition. And he is using advanced technology in his work. The Ouraring is one such item.
I realized during my running injury back in November last year, that I needed to rethink my training. So I started to do a lot of research. I became fashinated by the developments into how to handle aging, training and longevity. Using technology to understand your own body seemed futuristic.
The Ouraring is first of all a sleep tracker. But does much more than that. I have used it for more than a week now and my first prognosis of its analysis is very positive. Read more about the ring and C Mikael Mattsson below.

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