Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Comfort is my fear

My biggest fear is becoming too comfortable.
25 years ago whilst riding through Patagonia on horseback I came across a lonely cowboy who´d been living by himself for 20 years. He was crippled with rheumatism and could hardly move. He invited us in to his little cabin, which had a bench, a table and a chair. I sat down in the chair and it was the most uncomfortable place ever to sit! I asked:
“Why do you have such an uncomfortable chair, it is impossible to sit in!”
“If it is too comfortable, I might never get up again, if I sit down” , he answered.
He knew how to stay alive!
As some of you might now, in the last two years I have been reminded twice of the fragility of life. A concussion and a stroke. After that little touch of death which happened in the love setting of Hannah and the Pyreenies, I decided to slowly initiate a change of the way I live. Less stress, more focus. Hannah had introduced me to meditation, which I realized was a life giver. Since then I have meditated, chosen to read good books which challenge your mind and brain continuoisly, keep me athlete diet and raise the level of physical training. And continue to ardous Expeditions.
So I train 30-45 min every morning and evening when at base camp (home) and cycle with the girls to school and football, often doing a coldbath on route and then some kind of training. Right now, hauling tyres.
I still have time to put in 6-7 focused hours of work and get 8 hours of sleep. Yes, meditation has helped me clear unnecessary thoughts and worries before going to bed. A clear mind, gives good quality sleep.
So far, so good. Hopefully this kind of disciplined life will rub off on the girls. So far, not really. they have become cool teenagers now.

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