Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Explorers Club Mentorship Program

I have just had a very inspiring, uplifting conversation with Lindsay who is one of two mentees I have at the Explorers Club. An honor indeed to be a mentor of such fine human beings.
I believe very much in this great idea the Club have initiated with a mentorship program. For me who is dealing with some research into longevity and what to do when you enter the age where you are considered having done most of your life, this is exactly what I think should be part of any intelligent society. Sharing your knowledge to help others.
Lindsay is a fantastic personality with a great CV looking for opportunities so she can have a balanced life in all ways.
Her CV is great:
Lindsay is an Explorers Club Fellow who has directed and produced award-winning science, culture, and adventure films, including the Netflix documentary The Most Unknown, which follows nine scientists traveling to extraordinary parts of the world to uncover the answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions. Her film Herd in Iceland, which documents the island nation’s annual horse round-up, won over 15 festival awards and airs on PBS. Filmmaking partners include VICE Media, OceanX, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Vilcek Foundation. As the founder of Archerfish Productions, commissions have taken Lindsay to film travelogues of the Inca Trail, Galapagos, and high Arctic, and horse treks through Mongolia and Patagonia. Lindsay has been fortunate to create pieces featuring inspiring subjects from Nobel Prize winners to subsistence farmers. Earlier in her career, she honed her visual storytelling skills at Instagram and The New York Times. She is a staff Senior Producer at the National Geographic Society. Outside of work, Lindsay can be found hiking, camping, riding, and making Seinfeld references. Frequently, all at the same time.

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