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5 freezing books to read over Christmas

Christmas is a time when becoming an armchair explorer is preferable to the real deal! For me it will be the only vacation […]

Preparations; Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy and a kit for -70 degrees Celsius

I love this rush! I feelslike it has been such a long time! This feeling that it is time for a major Expedition to happen again! So many things to do in a far too short time, but I am extremely happy, because I feel in bones that this will come ou…

-59 degrees Celsius, the reindeer herders jumps ship, new teams found

Planning an expedition in the coldest inhabited place on earth is full of obstacles.Basically red tape, but the logistics are a nightmare. I wouldn t be able to do this without my very good friend, the Arctic explorer Jegor Makarov, native Yakut …

Gear and Kit Review; Berghaus Bioflex 45 Rucksack

On review; Berghaus Bioflex 45 Rucksack – Rating; 7 out of 10 A 45 liter backpack is a day pack on an […]

Equipment, training, treatments and disease

Being a dad for two toddlers and an explorer preparing for one of the toughest Expedition anyone can imagine coldwise, well, it is difficult. For three reasons; First of all, even though I want to spend all my time with these the two most lovliest…

Happiness, but still insecurity if it will happen or not

We did get our papers last Friday. The Invitations. What a relief! I didn t sleep a lot during that week. Or during the the last 2 weeks. Terrible, terrible time just waiting like this, your whole life is on hold! However, having this permit, eve…

Erden Eruc; Dolphin Meat, Whale Meat, Who Cares?

 In a world where far too much glitz and short term thinking is dominating, Erden Eruc stands apart. I have to admit, […]

Africa; A shocking letter from Bukavu, Congo-Kinshasa

When I entered the plane from Nairobi to London a bit more than a week ago I was filled with energy and […]

The Gentlemen´s Expedition; Chilling in Zanzibar

A Gentlemen´s Expedition in the eyes of Kensington Tours owner, Jeff Willner, is full of dramatic challenges. Like now, when we have pretty much […]

Still no visa……I am getting so fed up with living in this unknown area of life……

Less than two months to go…..I have absolutely nothing in order. I cannot do anything until i have the permits to enter the Russian federation and Yakutia. Why in earth does it take such a long time? Maybe I should have gone through Dmitry Shpar…