Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Defender X: Brandon Manitoba

Prarie, flat, ultra straight roads, silos, gas stations, a town now and then, but no bison, first nationers or cowboys. Wheather is blesk. Locals are wonderful. The size is slmost unthinkably flat. The Canadian prarie is bigger in size than mainland Europe.
The roads are so straight so we can draw house plans with no issues whilst driving. Our aim tonight is making it to Calgary, the end of the prarie. 12-14 hours driving away.
Jeff has recovered well, so we are back to laughter, jokes and storytelling. This is very priviled time together. Yesterday I travelled with Steve. And Sofie. In the Mothership. Not -literally- one second without discussions or music. Now back in The Princess. Lots of time to think and contemplate life. I like being in both cars.
I find the Canadians extremely welcoming, interested, down to earth and warm. Great people!
Yet another great journey.

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