Mads Tolstrup

Defedner X: Ontario

We still have like 6 hours and a half to reach our goal of today, Quebec City. Time is 16.23. Weather is better than earlier today, when we navigated through snowy roads in some sort of a whiteout and a very light snowstorm. Much of our drive today is dominated by engine problems. It is certainly a dominating factor since the day we left Steves farm in Knightsbridge like two years ago. Honestly these Landrovers are…quite challeging companions. But without them we would be doing this extraordinary journey!
I honestly enjoy every minute of it, even though we most of the time sit in this reasonably unconfortable car. We talk a lot in the beginning of the day and trip, than tiredness and personal contemplation takes over. On and off we stop and eat some unhealthy trucker food, as bad in canada like the rest of the world.
I really enjoy just sitting in a car looking out. Even though it is at times hard to look through the windows. The window cleaners are on the lower scale of reasonable quality.
Winderful people on route, always. The New Foundlanders and Canadians are among the friendlist people i have ever met. We meet them in cafes, restaurants and hotels on route.
The team is solid, positive and great. Steve, Meg and me are all in newly in love! Great characters all around and never boring. Except when we are in limpmode, which have happened around 700 times today.
Life is good!

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