Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Defender X: Labrador

Let me just tell you all what a joy it is being back with the Defender X team!
Some of the nicest, finest och charismatic people I have ever come across. So much warmth, love, crude jokes, profound wuestions about the meaning of life. An honor indeed!
The idea now is to drive from St Johns in the east thru mighty Canada to Fairbanks in Alaska. Two weeks.
We are closing in on our first day having travelled thru a quite non-spectacular landscape on route ta getting on a ferry to the mainland.
The New Foundlanders are extra ordinary friendly and warm!
We have two new team members. Meg Hines, a professional fixer and explorer, who is a very warm, intelligent, hardworking good-at-all lady from the UK and Mads from Mön who is our new drone operator. Kind, low key, funny, Danish and really good on the drone whilst exhibiting some exclusive dance steps.
A wonderful group and an honor to be part of.

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