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The Fledgling Filmmaker – How I Got Started By Matthew Traver

Lately I’ve begun to notice my tendency to romantically idealise something and then just naïvely throw myself in to it. I often […]

Opinion; The challenge of Expedition translators and fixers By Arita Baajiens

Translators and fixers who mess up your expedition, it’s not something explorers and expedition leaders like to remind themselves of once the […]

Explore, Experience, Learn, Share – The Vision behind my expeditions by Roger Chao

Since I am married to an Asian-American my life has become not only so much better as regards to life as such, […]

Guest writer # 18 David Renwick Grant

I first came across this extra ordinary fellow called David Renwick Grant back in 1996 when I was planning my Patagonian trip […]

Guest writer # 17 Stellan Johansson

I have always had a soft spot for touring- and adventure cyclists. No wonder, since I have spent most of my exploring […]