Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Back in Stockholm…..

The townhall in Stockholm at sunset today....
The townhall in Stockholm at sunset today….

….at first, it felt relaxingly cool and extremely silent. No buses, motorbikes or minibuses who tried to run me over, no Yemenis yelling at the top of their voices, no dirt, no potholes, vicious pollution or general disorganization, no harsh voiced muezzins….and coming in for landing at Arlanda airport, the plane had cruised over the stunningly green archipelago, so tidy and beautiful….and I thought, there´s no doubt, Sweden must be one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I just remembered the movie I had watched from Sana`a to Istanbul in the night, about a Turk who had fled to Sweden to get away from persecution during the junta years in the seventies and returned to Turkey 25 years later looking for friends and his old love, somewhere in the film somebody had said that Sweden was the cradle of democracy, and I smiled proudly….but suddenly after just half an hour on the bus from the airport to the Central station, I felt bored….I looked at these good-looking people, the Swedes, and realised they all looked dead and lifeless…and I wished I could have turned around and returned to sana`a with the first flight out!

However, for this reason, I have spent the evening since I came back tidying up my apartment after my relative Leo stayed here, and an upcoming film maker like his dad, and putting together this little slide show, please see it here!