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One month to go and a possible partner

As always at this time of the year it is time to do the tax papers. It is a job which has to be done,but which i hate more than anything. I am just not a paper man and the only negative aspect of having a job where you travel to other countries, is all the receits you need and in Yemen of course, a country in war, there´s a giant lack of those. As an example, I went in to a stationary vendor and asked for a book to write down my expensis, like an accountant book/invoice, which they had, but they couldn´t give me a recipt for it!

Anyway, this kills a week for me, which I could have put to better use. This is modern society at its worst! But, of course, i am not only self employed person on earth, who is suffering this! So, out of a month, I have three weeks to get everything onboard! But doing these papers also gets me in a bad mood. I was ripped of a lot last year. Unpaid bills on 3 000 US, which is alot for a family like ours. I trust people too much! One of them has been lying badly and he runs a big thing involving explorers worldwide, I have asked him nicely a few times, he says he has paid, but never has. He is such a nice fellow, but don´t trust a bit of what he says! Should I warn all the others? A guy from my own world, doing this….it hurts!

One of the major issues have been looking for somebody who can join me. I learned a lesson on phase one, never bring an old geezer, who knows too much of life and doesn´t wanna put down the effort to learn new things or work hard for very little in return. I want somebody full of lfie, eager to learn and travel with joy! And we did find a fella last time, Tarim C. Kennedy, a youngster who has all needed qualities and would make a major difference. He is good with people, animals and is pretty much a native speaker and yemeni. A great guy who wrote this article for me back in February. He is already part of the doc and I have a feeling he could become a new Johan Ivarsson. But, he has studies to sort out, so we will see.

And, I fear it will be a nightmare leaving the family. We all feel the strain of being apart, we are such a super tight trio. I am the luckiest man on earth. I have a wife who is extra ordinary and today she came and gave me a present, an old book:

Aden to The Hadramat by Daniel Van Der Meulen 1931-34

She had tracked it down on the Internet and ordered it as a surprise! Eva, is another lovely and happy chapter in my priviliged life. How am I going to live without her even for a day? I picked her up at nursery school early today, she has a fever and is chesty. It makes my extremely worried. So we have all been singing and drawing since she came back. She made me stop with the papers…thanks Eva!


Eva doesn´t feel to well here….


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