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Gear Review: Rucksack Lifeventure Altai 65 liters

When I once started off as a backpacker, the most important item of that journey was of course finding the right backpack. I think it was 1976 and I bought a traditional Swedish backpack with external frame and over packed it badly and it was never, ever comfortable. It was more like a suitcase on your back. Since than, I have learned loads about backpacks. For example important lessons that every single human being are different and so are their backs, so each person has to look around to find a backpack suited for their specific body type. Still today, I have to say, I see most people have the wrong backpacks. Most of the time they don´t know how to use either the straps or the belt properly and how to pack it properly. For this reason, finding a backpack which can fit most isn´t easy, but one does exist!

I have to admit I had my doubts when I received the Lifeventure Altai 65 liters. First of all for the price and secondly that it was UK made, since I up until that moment was really irritated on the British commercial way to say their best in the world and at delivery it would be the other way around. I was proven completely wrong! there´s hope!

This is the best rucksack I have ever had! It is extremely comfortable, great solutions with the right sized pockets, straps, the belt is great, easily adjustable and can quickly be turned into a suitcase or have a rain cover. I mistreated it badly throughout the journey, I used all the time to sit and rest on, but it still seems unused. Since it is so easy to adjust this is a backpack perfect for both backpacking and Expeditions.

My only reservation was the rain cover. It picked up a hole even before I left Moss Side and it needs to be thicker and more durable.

10 out of 10!




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