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Expedition Yemen By Camel part 2; The preparations

I am sitting in a tower house in the Old Sanaa writing this report.  So I have made it in to Yemen again, ready to get things rolling.

A major part of every Expedition which is often overlooked, is the preparations. Which includes finding sponsors, figuring out a route, dealing with the daily life of normality, by which I mean, a family life which includes cooking, picking up your child at nursery school, trying to be a good husband, lover and father and get all details right as regards to what is waiting on the Expedition to be. It isn´t easy, but it makes a difference. During this last month before I finally got on a plane to San’a to initiate Expedition Yemen By Camel part 2, I have written down my actions, worries and thoughts every 3 days.

What a roller coaster journey it has been!

From the last blog to the 1st as below:


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  1. hello there

    you are so brave to come to yemen in this satuation !!!!!!!!!!! i am in sana’a now i would like to meet you and have chat with you about everything and maybe we can get you what u need !!!!
    my phone number is 733814891 just call me any time when u get this !!!

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