Three days away from the end of our camel journey

Day 15  On our way again in the desert.

Three days away from the end of our camel journey through the desert

In mind, we are already at the end of this journey. We can imagine it in us. Two days ago, we sojourned in a village where we took up another guide. The title, it seems for someone familiar with camels is, Mahout. He is an older man and respectfully, he bears the title Sheikh. His knowledge of the desert is strong and with each vigorous turn through the desert, having him along our last part of the journey is comforting.

Kensington fell ill yet he manages to keep going. By the sight of his swollen mouth, we think he ate something he wasn’t suppose to. However he is getting better by the day.

There is a rumor going around. We have been offered generous amounts of help from food to transport hoping that we would be persuaded by the gesture and Kensington would be granted to them at the end of our journey.

It sounds like a very good story. If one was to elaborate the tale, it would include themes of sacrifice, valor and of course love. It has all the characters: foreigners to the land, generosity, and “stallion of his tribe” (or if you prefer, Kensington). But to keep to the simplicity of reciprocity, gifting Kensington is not in our plans. Most of this journey was of negotiations which lead to transactions. 


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