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11 kg plus (24 pounds) and the arrival of the first kit to help me survive!

 The family spent the Christmas Holidays in Dala-Järna, where I am born, atmosphere and temperature where great. -5 Celsius and quite good on the snowy side. I checked my weight before starting to eat the enormous amounts of food that we in the rich world have served at our dinner tables. I had added on -11 kg:s since the beginning of November, when we started to prepare for going to Yakutia again. The girls are doing relatively well as well.We are now the chubby family! Howver, I have three weeks to add a few more. I had 18 kg:s plus 2004-05, but this time I don´t think it will be as hard work, but colder. And this time I haven´t had a few months of slowly adjusting like last time, now it will hit me immediately. The girls will stay in Yakustk in a flat we have hired and I will had out on one of the coldest expeditions in modern Russian history.

It is great with Christmas, but it complicates the preparations. I have been off training now for ten days and sure, it is due to the flu, but I will loose some power there. But back to the gym tomorrow. The first piece of a gigantic kit list to come, arrived today. To the local Russian store, which is almost our neighbour and where we buy pelmeni as often as we can. I guess you could say it was my one and only Christmas present. Boots from Baffin.

Right now I am working on the medicine kit and it will be something along these lines:


  • 1 tin with tiger balsam (R)
  • 1 First aid kit
  • 1 Nail scissors (R)
  • 1 Tweezers
  • 10 sun sticks for the nose and sensitive places
  • 1 tube Helosan
  • Alvedon (R)
  • Antibiotics (R)
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine (R)
  • Antiseptic crèmes and powder (R)
  • Antiseptic means (R)
  • Blood stoppers (R)
  • Diarrhea cure
  • Elastic bandages (R)
  • Foot powder (R)
  • Cannulas (R)
  • Surgeon tape
  • Knee protection
  • Compresses (R)
  • Leukastrips (R)
  • Leukoplast (R)
  • Immodium
  • Losec
  • Novalucol, 2 pills per day
  • Penicillin (R)
  • Plasters (R)
  • Chafe tape
  • Painkillers (R)
  • High sunprotection
  • Sterile dressings (R)
  • Wound cleaners (R)
  • Safety pins
  • Talcum (R)
  • Petrolatum
  • Zincsalve
  • Eyedrops
  • Eyesalve
  • Eardrops

Only three weeks to go, we don´t have all visas yet, no camera equipment and most of the Expedition kit is on its way. It is all as usual. Extremely stressful, but fun!


-37 degrees Celsius in Verkhoyansk today and the same in Yakutsk. But 0 in Moscow.

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