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“You look like a bum!”

“You look like a bum!” my wife said this morning: “You have to dress up now when it is time to interview people. It is a question of respect. You Swedes think you can always be casual, but this is not the case in Britain. Look how everyone is dressing up here for the smallest of things.”

She is right. Even though I feel like a bum! After basically sleeping in m clothes throughout this terribly cold winter…yes, all my clothes look really, really over worn out. My shoes, well, the soles have major patches missing a to make up a full sole…all my top hats are done, well, almost everything I have with me here in Britain has had it. But it helps in Moss Side I think! When it is this cold and down right uncomfortable inside, one stops caring about issues like how you look. Not that this has ever been a priority for me, except those years between my divorce and meeting Pam.

Even though I haven´t written for a month, things are developing and we are almost there with needed backing and funds. It is time to invest in new gear, like a Go Pro 3 which was such a success on The Frozen Frontier Expedition. A couple of hard drives, SD-cards, a lamp and, of course, new clothes and such! But the idea is to to do a very light weight Expedition, hoping to get invited to people every night!

I have met a lot of people during the last month and set up a lot of very, very interesting contacts. And I read this interesting article yesterday, Poor Families Hit By Welfare Reform and it sums up most people I meet here in Moss Side. They live in average, a family, on 40 pounds a week, we slogged keeping it on 70, but a family in average use 150 pounds a month on gas and electricity, where we use 60-70, but they don´t get any more warmth then we do, average 4-5 hours a day, because most of their fuel bill is the TV. This is really a rip off system not worthy of a modern society. I have to say, I agree with saying that this government is a disaster for people living here. this bed room tax is the dumbest of all.

The Gym training is going well. But being everything yourself, researcher, film maker and so on, and looking after two girls and being a good husband, almost impossible. I need help. I hope to get going next week, full time, but doubt it. I still have no real idea about the itinerary.

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