Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Moss Side: London and magician

Less than a month to go, and, yes I feel  the stress. I don´t have a 1/3 of the kit yet, still trying to figure out what I need as regards to the technical aspect, still don´t know if I have a partner, or if I need anyone except Dana. At least i believe she is on! But, for sure, I would need a partner to help me with Dana, and, look after her when I need to film. I might have a partner, but I still don´t know…maybe CW, see below:

I have been in London for a few days, some pain involved knowing Pam needed all my help, since she is in her final month now, but I just had to check maps, meet friends who can help and get opinions from Shane Winser the great! And all my other great friends, I am privileged indeed.
I have figured out a route, how to walk and which maps are needed and that feels great. I just need to sort out Moss Side properly now and of course, Monday is a Bank holiday so the girls are free from school, what to do, my wife is first in line to get her work done. So, I will start doing late nights again. Dana is sleeping now, and the wife and Eva is at Ballet school. And Ulrika left this morning after a bit more than a day of inspirational talks with her. She is really smart and has the plot in her head. An extremely important visitor for all of us. And she brought proper coffee, Skåne Rost!
I just need to figure out which maps, a lot and lots of money, and which kit I need…..

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