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Moss Side Reality and a good insight into England

The last few days have been important for how to see Moss Side. As you know who have followed my reporting from our life in Moss Side since we came her the first of September last year, 2013, initially it was one of shock and despair, the cold took its toll as did the vision of eternal concrete. After the New Year it all changed as dramatically. Instead I fell in love with Moss Side. A lot due to that I was finally meeting people and not only concentrating on being a good dad for the girls, especially Sardana. Eva was settling in school, my wife at uni and me and Dana, I was getting easier by the day. So finally I could enjoy Moss Side and its rich variety of people, cultures and atmosphere. And as always, as regards to myself, I have problems keeping in between, it is either heaven or hell for me. But after these last few days, I have a better perspective. thanks to Colette Williams!
Colette is campaigning for a better Moss Side. And, believe me, with her it would look brighter, because what I am have experienced meeting possible voters and people, there´s a lot of struggles for work, general surviving and feeling of despair. Which is kind of shocking considering the UK is the 6th wealthiest country on earth. It shouldn´t have to be like this. It is very, very hard to understand. And there´s no doubt it is far more difficult belonging to one of the minorities, like for example to Afro-Caribbean community of Moss Side.
Colette and others have said I actually look like an undercover cop. The fear for them is real in Moss Side. Once again, like always, it is hard to get people saying something to the camera, but, and this is a big BUT, together with Colette, as the guide, it is far easier. She is really, really important to me and the documentary. The main worries for people is the rubbish all over, which brings tons of rats and cockroaches (my family knows them well), nothing to do for the young, nothing, and the incredibly little chance of finding work. Benefits are just needed, but comes with a price. Like Arbetsförmedlingen i Sverige, the British variety of the Unemployment Agency, is the same or even worse, the force you look for a job, any, full time, which in general, since it is so hard finding one, hundreds and hundreds of other going for the same job, may it be like cleaning streets, one just loose touch with reality and loose one´s confidence. I now what they talk about. Back in 2010, when my wife got pregnant and my life was generally a disaster, I went to the Swedish variety and spent 5 minutes there and said, I will never ever put my foot here again. It stank of incapacity and lack of knowledge.
But, as a whole, I am still extremely positive towards Moss Side. great place, with great people and today, after asking around for such a long time, I found Ness who had a drone where I can stick on a GoPro and finally get a view from the birds perspective on Moss Side!
Loads of other kit is arriving by the day. I think have all camera kit now, a new rain cover…just a grip for the stroller, which hasn´t arrived yet….I might have a new partner coming up. I am meeting her tomorrow! She is pretty much in the same line of work as me and comes highly recommended by a great outdoor fella I have known for years! We will find out tomorrow, if it doesn´t work out well, Dana and me will shoot off and see what happens. It will be incredibly heavy and hard!

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