Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Helsport Spitsbergen Extreme

“You must have suffered!”
These are the words of the great Polar explorer Borge Ousland when he wrote to me back in 2006. I had completed the Siberian Expedition with its extreme cold. In comparison with Borges journey´s this was nothing. And he was refferring to the sleeping bags Johan Ivarsson and me used in the (at least) -58 degrees C nights. I say at least because that is where our thermometer ended. Yes, we suffered. Borge thought it was hilarious how we could have a sleeping bag as we did!
The other week I brought it up as a joke in a conversation with Borge. And he said he would see if he could help me get the best one there is out there, Helsport´s Spitsbergen.
Today it arrived at the same time the film from the Siberian journey, Minus 73 degrees F is ready for an international audience. Great joy! And the days of suffering in extreme cold nights are over! I am very happy!
Thanks to Helsport, Hallvard Bache and my friend and wonderful human being Borge Ousland!
Minus 73 degrees F https://vimeo.com/451752697
Borge Ousland www.ousland.com

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