10 steps to become a Polar explorer.

10 steps to become a Polar explorer.
Question from a reader:
“What kind of training is needed to do polar Expeditions? Like crossing the Greenland Icecap or go to the North or South Pole?”
This is how I prepare. Maybe it can be of help.
1. I think it is important to understand, if you can´t prioritize your training, you will be in trouble. It needs to be a lifestyle. Even when I travel (which is not that often now during the pandemic) I try to train on schedule.
2. I have spent a lot of time preparing a schedule to suit my age. To avoid overtraining. I have a schedule where I train 6 out of a 9-day week. At least three of these sessions are over 2 hours.
3. The Icecap crossing is planned to mid-April. But I have target my training for over a year for the crossing. You need at least 6 months of specialized training.
4. Specialized training. Pulling a sled requires some adjustment in training. Hauling tires is important! It is also an easy and gentle to do training. the closer you get to the starting date, more hours and more weight.
5. Running and fartleks/intervals is important. Hauling tires is more monotonous work and doesn´t cause extreme sweating. Or raise your heartwork. Running does. At least 2 times on the 9 day week.
6. The gym. Shoulders, arms, stomach, legs, they have to get extra training. And the gym is the place where this specialized training can be done.
7. A wide variety of training is important. Cycling, hiking, bouldering etc. You need to feel happy and not bored!
8. Proper food. Good, wholesome food without sugar, white flower and not too much red meat. A diet like this will prepare your body to its maximum.
9. Rest. Not easy, but needed. Don´t overtrain or overdo it. Don´t try to please anyone else except yourself.
10. Sleep is by far the best recovery ingredient. 8 solid hours makes wonders. I haven´t personally had that for a few hours, but 6-7 hours is as good as it gets!

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